Rockville Therapist Olga Bloch LCMFT

How Can I Help You?

I can help you by supporting and understanding your current struggle whether it be a single life event or a series of chronic behaviors that leave you feeling stuck, anxious or hopeless. My goal is to provide you with an experience that leaves you feeling understood, validated, and challenged enough to make changes in your life. The kind of therapy I do is unique in that I combine a variety of therapies to arrive at the root of your issues and to empower you to let go of your past while creating a vision of the life you desire. Each client is different, therefore the pace and approach is tailored to each person’s needs and current life situations.


“I am able to understand my kids a little more with their behavior.”
“I communicate with them better so they don’t feel left out. I give them choices of things, I teach them to share their toys.”
“Role playing is a positive experience in each class. It helped me understand more of the topics by giving examples.”
“I find it comforting to know that other parents have the same issues that I have with my kids.”
Jose Martinez
“Practical tools to support really sound strategic for parenting.”
“The real life application of stories and role play to cement the theatrical content of the class.”
“Engaging, knowledgeable, and interested in the success of each parent in attendance.”
“Excellent! Every parent, high school student for that matter should take this course.”
Matt Malone
Rockville Therapist Olga Bloch LCMFT

Here Are Some Services We Offer

Sevices available in English, Spanish, and Portuguese.

Couples sometimes struggle to heal their previous arguments and feel stuck in repetitive patterns of communication. Couples therapy provides you and your partner a safe space to explore each other’s issues in order to strengthen your relationship through compassionate listening and addressing underlying agendas.

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Family bonds are so vital and yet can be painful and stressful to all members of the family. Family therapy gives everyone in your family an opportunity to explore, discuss, and resolve family dynamics that are hurtful, repetitive, and damaging.

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Divorce can be a painful life transition for all parties involved especially if there are children. Therapy is critically important to help you with support for yourself and to provide you with the opportunity to better guide and assist your children as well.

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Depression and anxiety robs you of experiencing joy, happiness, gratitude, and connection. In individual therapy you can safely understand your own needs and develop a new relationship with yourself where you are compassionately aware of how to be responsible for your life on your own terms.

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An effective psychosocial evaluation can make a significant impact on your immigration case. It’s important investigate and incorporate all the necessary information in order to create the strongest case for your purposes.

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